Principal Report



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Faye Pleso, M.ED,   ABD, HEAD OF SCHOOL (HoS)


Principal Report

August, 2014

OIP Goals:

Based on our previous OIP goals, the administrative team decided to create new goals to help us improve academically. We set measurable goals with clear strategies and action steps to meet them. Data will be collected and monitored on a bi-weekly basis to monitor the progress. These goals and vision were discussed in a recent staff meeting and all of our teachers and staff are anxious to work together to meet the goals. We all agree that we want to avoid having any student in the basic or limited levels. We are focusing on adult implementation of research based strategies and how we can all be the best we can be.


Summary of 2014-2015 OIP Goals:

100% of our students will be proficient or higher in reading and math.

93% of our students will attend school on a daily basis.


We continue our teacher based team meetings this year so we can analyze student work, implement strategies, and increase student achievement through short-cycle assessments. It is also a time that we discuss academic standards and instruction and share ideas.


Our ESL Tutoring Program that started last school year is put on hold. The professor managing the class at YSU is on maternity leave. We hope to restart the program in the spring.


The regular ESL teacher, through PSI will begin screening our students next week.


Our curriculum specialist/instructional coach designed and sent out a survey to gather professional development interests. We will use that information and data collected from our walkthroughs to plan our future professional development days.


James Hughes, a friend of YAE, went around to local businesses to get quotes on replacing our boiler room doors. Because of him promoting our school, we received a $100 donation from Preston Auto/Preston Hyundai.


Two billboards, one on Midlothian and one on Oakhill have been posted and will be displayed for four weeks. We continue to have our commercial aired for another couple of weeks as well as the WKBN web clicks.


WKBN accidentally showed a clip of our school when they were doing a story on charter schools closing in Cincinnati and Dayton. They retracted the story and explained what happened and shared that we are open and enrolling new students.


The news station also filmed our grades 1-5 reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and showed it each morning for six days. Each of our students was given a YAE shirt and proudly wore them for the filming of the Pledge.


We are having an enrollment competition. If a student brings in a friend to enroll in our school, he or she will get a prize and be entered in a drawing to win a 32” flat screen TV.


New Hires:


Administrative Assistant: Lori Harrell

Phys. Ed.: Scot McClelland

Art: Whitney Pagano

4th: Carrie Shultz

5th: Ashley Workman

6-8 Math: Deirdre Steiginga

6-8 Reading and Paragon: John Campbell

Substitute Intervention Specialist: Cynthia Innocenco


Upcoming Positive School-Wide Behavior plan activities:

9/2-9/5 Bully Free Zones, Pledge, Student Awareness, Recognition






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