We have high expectations for our students and offer a high level of support to help children reach their full potential. We individualize learning based on regular two week short cycle assessments throughout the school year to ensure that students are mastering the standards.

Core Subjects

These core subjects form the basis of our K–8 curriculum. Students receive two hours of instruction in reading/ELA and math each day. They also receive a full hour of both science and social studies instruction per day.

Language Arts

We help students develop vital communication skills with proper reading and writing lessons. Our young students learn phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension strategies. All ELA lessons are based solely on the standards and engaging teacher created activities.


We balance math skills, vocabulary, math writing, and technology with every lesson. The teachers create standards based lessons and activities with the Daily 5 format.


Our teachers use hands-on experiments to explore life, Earth, and physical sciences. The engaging teacher-created lessons are based on Ohio’s Learning Standards.

Social Studies

Our teachers develop engaging Social Studies lessons to explore geography, civics, economics, and history. The engaging teacher created lessons are based on Ohio’s Learning Standards. These lessons also provide a chance for our students to further discover community partnerships.

Specialty Subjects

A truly well-rounded education must nourish the creativity of the students.


An application that teaches children a foreign language.

Second Step

A social-emotional curriculum that teaches students how to handle certain situations.


Students work on the ChromeBooks to learn typing and computer skills.